The studio at Weedy Acres is a beautiful work space. I love being here. My mom was an avid gardener. With over 4 acres of tree shaded gardens there was always weeding to do. They tell you to find something you can do 15 hours a day and love doing it. My mom found it in her lovely flower beds. I have found it in my painting. This is where the magic happens.

Adults and Kids, Groups and Individuals

Charla Herbert, Instructor  Message me on FB  or  Leave a message or text on my phone 631-4774


ART is fun for everyone, every age, every ability. It is what defines us as human, after all, and helps us understand the world we live in. Becoming accomplished in art is a lifelong journey. It can be your focus every waking hour or it can be the respite you turn to when you need to decompress, and everything in between.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons at my studio out in the country north of Minatare are priced at a rate of $25 per hour per student for a max of 3 art students (children of similar age are best ). 
I suggest a 2 hour lesson once or twice a week for most aspiring artists (see prices below when booked and paid in advance).

1 - 2 hour class = $50

2 - 2 hour classes = $75

And $25 for all additional classes booked and paid in advance.


Private Lessons at alternative locations i.e. your home, are priced at a 2 hour class rate of $75 for one session per student and $50 for additional classes.

1 class = $75

2 classes = $125

3 classes = $175

And + $50 for each pre-booked additional class

I have taught pre-school through college classes and adult learners. i am pretty good at breaking complicated processes down into doable steps. There is so much to learn and explore in the world of art.

To book a class with me for yourself or a group let me know you’re interested and we’ll make it happen!





Keep up to date on all the art events in the area. You can visit with me and all our renowned local artists and see creativity at its best. Please, support me, support art, support local!!