Art for Lifelong Learning

ART for LIFELONG LEARNING - Making a commitment to change your life for the better starts now!

Location: Tiffany Schank - Art and Photograph

102 East Overland

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ART is fun for everyone, every age, every ability. It is what makes us human, after all, and helps us understand the world we live in. Becoming accomplished in art is a lifelong journey, not a sprint. It can be your focus every waking and sleeping hour or it can be the respite you turn to when you need to decompress, or anything in between. 

Small Groups

For that reason, individualized and small group settings work so well. Committing blocks of time to your art is essential to grow and develop. Let’s work together to find a block of time each week for instruction and practice. My goal is to keep class size to five students or less per session and to match students together for the most fun

Loving is Sharing

Loving art means sharing what I’ve learned working with other artists, classes I’ve taken, my own professional practice and research. If you are a serious youngster (10 years to 90) and want the life benefits of learning to express yourself visually, join me! Art education is for you. It is challenging and probably the most fun and the best thing you can do to grow your brain and add enrichment to your everyday living.


Times  I’m offering sessions in two hour blocks of time Wednesday through Sunday from 10am to 7pm. Eventually, I would like to have Saturday and Sunday full of classes: fun group paint sessions with friends, demonstrations, and group classes. You can drop into the studio on the weekend and have a great time doing a project with friends or sitting in on a class in progress, or checking out the latest craft bags that will be available to do here or at home or to give as a gift!

Supplies In the beginning I can provide supplies for those who want to try a new medium. Then, after selection of your dominate medium I will help you select  quality supplies of your own and point you to the best buys for your money. Also, we have project kits for sale.

Cost will be $10 per person per session. Anyone wishing to prepay for 10 sessions will get 5 sessions for free. Anyone completing 10 sessions gets the next session for free.

Possible areas of focus. Still life painting and drawing. Floral painting. Landscape painting. Drawing everyday, creating art journals. Composition. Light and form. Color theory. Value studies. Figure studies. Anything that will make us better artists.  Also, we will have pre packaged art projects you can purchase to take home or work on in a session. These are perfect gifts, creating an experience not just a thing. Come to think of it, a prepaid 10 session card is also a perfect gift for your art loving friend.