Spoiler: I'm going to have an ART SHOW

I want to share all the wonderful things going on!

First of all, there is Art in the Courtyard coming up this month on the 18th at Barn Anew. Artists will be showcasing their work and hopefully something will catch your eye (or several things?) and you can add to your collection while helping out our local artists. Lunch is available for a donation to the Art Center. There will be cute raffled items.  I’ll have some of my latest oil paintings, my wool felted homemade soaps, and some bright and pretty alcohol ink paintings.


Then October 15 I’m excited to be showing at Treasure Tables art fair in Estes Park. Any excuse to go to Estes!! 

here is their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TreasureTables/?fref=ts


The Harms Center opens its annual art show October 20th. Judy Amoo has some fun new things planned. This opening is always fun and well attended.

here is the web site from last year. I'm sure they'll be updating it soon. https://www.wncc.edu/BCE/art-gallery

The Art Center’s juried show is this coming January. I have one piece done that I would like to enter and I also have an idea or two for something new.



I’m going to have my first art show June 1 - 25, 2017!!!   West Nebraska Arts Center was kind enough to ask me to show with Cindy Cochran who is a glass sculpture artist. I love Cindy’s work and our color palettes are very compatible.

Getting a show is usually a very long and arduous process. I’ve been wanting to get this going for some time. I knew I needed to get my proposal in which alone can take months to prepare. Then, the committee makes selections, a few more months go by before you know if you are accepted. Usually, there can be a year or more from the time of acceptance until the scheduled show. I was so excited and honored and relieved to be asked to fill in when the artist originally scheduled with Cindy could not keep his contract. This happens much less often that you might think.

Hopefully, I can keep my nose to the grindstone and be ready with lots of new work, as well as the best of my work thus far.

So, Please save the date! I know, I know it’s too far off to mark the calendar. I will keep reminding you, be sure. Haha. June 1 is the Opening Day, a thursday. I hope all my friends and family can attend!! There will be wine, after all !! How can you not? If any of you would like to come from out of town I have a bunk house set up in the upstairs and a couple beds in the basement. The studio will be pretty empty so that’s an option, too.

That’s all the excitement I can handle in one blog. I hope you all have a beautiful and pleasant art filled transition into fall.