August already?

August is here already!

Summertime can be busy, trying to get in every art fair, show, do some gardening, and most fleeting of all, get in some down time to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Art Camp at the art center was two weeks of fun and employment. I taught art at Roosevelt summer school and at the Harm’s Center, too. Coming up is “Art in the Courtyard” and an Art Fair in Estes mid October that I’m in high gear getting a body of work made that is readily purchased by your normal art fair attendee, mostly smaller work, felted soaps and alcohol ink tiles.

I have an art and wine event in the studio coming up next week, which means organizing the studio and planning a fun project that everyone will enjoy.  

At the very end of the month, After School Art Program begins. I am to teach the younger group. I'm very excited about this. I do love teaching.

My muse, too is relentless. She constantly finds images and gives me ideas that must be painted now! And, there is the constant reworking of projects that I thought were finished. As long as I’m learning and growing she can’t complain.

I paint every day. I connect with my subjects emotionally, projecting on to them or seeing in them something beautiful and worthy. My koi fish are delightful to watch and to paint. I feed them, make sure the water in the pond is oxygenated. In the winter when they were small, I brought them in the house in a fish tank. They are much too big for that now. I worry about them and work to keep the pond livable when the weather drops below freezing. The pond isn’t very deep and can freeze solid if the water doesn’t keep running. The lilies are blooming more than ever. We lost a tree to high winds and now the pond gets more sun. Sad to lose the tree. Nice to have more lilies and sunshine.

Storms in the evening are a normal summer thing. Worrisome when hail and tornadoes are threatening. Lovely skies and clouds to turn into paintings.

That’s kind of how life is. Worries, losses, opportunities, and inspiration. That's how summer is. And, over all too soon. You must make the most of the moment.