“Psychological Androgyny” Essential for Creativity, Let’s Make More! - making an environment for everyone that promotes creativity.

The Art Filled Life is more than just the title of my blog, my hope is that art and creativity becomes a way of life for everyone I can reach. When we all have the luxury of being safe and secure, honored, not ever violated or used and have an abundance of nurturing love and caring for our souls, only then can we see our world clearly. Only then can we fill our lives with making, creating, art, expressing our vision. Then we can appreciate others without envy. We can acquire lovely things without greed and false self aggrandizement. We can open like a newly blooming flower into that which the universe is waiting for humankind to become. We long for a mature society, wise and respectful of all. The Universe is waiting for us to explore it and comprehend fully the extent of it's gifts.



The only beings that we know that have the ability to appreciate with deep gratitude all that exists, are us. We all can become creators, makers, artists, scientists, freethinkers, honing our talents for the sake of bringing our unique abilities to the common good. It’s a noble goal. In fact, it's our best challenge. Will we rise to the call?

For now there are the lucky few of us who, as result of genetics or growing up in a calm nurturing landscape (western Nebraska) or other happy coincidences that have fostered in ourselves an ability to create positive change in our culture. We've become makers, I'll call us artists. 


I feel it is our responsibility to multiply our kind. We need to create more like us. I think as we become the norm instead of the rare bird we will see great changes. Do Art! Build! Offer a nurturing and stable environment for every child and adult to enjoy, everywhere. Create what we all long for in the very center of our beings, an abundantly loving world. A place where we offer our gifts, our art and they are humbly received as we receive others’ gifts unto us.


Certainly, with all our modern problems we need creative solutions. We all benefit from tapping into an expanding resource of human creativity. As a culture we are leaving so much potential on the table by not helping each other reach what Maslow calls self-actualization, (view  Maslow’s hierarchy of needs). Let's refer to this self-actualization a place where the self feels loved, secure, valued and respected, as the ability to find our innate creativity.

The progress of all human pursuits, art, science, humanities, require creative vision. Humanity depends on the creative mind for inspiration and insight. We need our painters, our musicians and dancers and poets to inspire us all, our research scientists and mathematicians who explore the far reaches of our universe to help expand our horizons. We need them all to move forward. And also more pessimistically, urgently, dramatically: to keep humanity from collapsing.


To be an artist requires the self to both feel secure and protected, the masculine; as well as loved and nurtured, the feminine.

Today’s blog is inspired in part by “Brain Pickings” by Maria Popovahttps://www.brainpickings.org/2014/11/07/psychological-androginy-creativity-csikszentmihalyi/

Psychologist Csikszentmihalyi, in Creativity: The Psychology of Discovery and Invention  — one of the most important, insightful, and influential books on creativity ever written —   writes:

“It was obvious that the women artists and scientists tended to be much more assertive, self-confident, and openly aggressive than women are generally brought up to be in our society. Perhaps the most noticeable evidence for the “femininity” of the men in the sample was their great preoccupation with their family and their sensitivity to subtle aspects of the environment that other men are inclined to dismiss as unimportant. But despite having these traits that are not usual to their gender, they retained the usual gender-specific traits as well.”


This typical creative predisposition has nothing to do with sexual preference, to be clear. It has everything to do with being generously abundantly resourceful in a world that tends to see resources as commodities to be hoarded and controlled and monetized.

Some can supply these essential conditions by oneself and for oneself becoming a more androgynous person. A person doing battle and caring for her own wounds. So far these are the people that cultures turn to, those who have insight and vision as well as determination to make change happen. 

Logically, to have more creativity in the world we only need to supply nurturing and stability to more individuals. Not everyone can create her own fertile garden plot in which to thrive. We can help each other with the emotional environment needed to become a fully functioning autonomous being.

We need to believe and live as if we are all part of one whole because we are. We are all here on this tiny beautiful blue planet on the edge of the universe with only each other’s gifts to get by.

We need to be competitive, to hone our own skills to become better for the sake of us all and to seek those with more talent who might help us achieve and refuse to use our power only to show that others are less than. Then we must feel that our creations are appreciated and worthy, remind ourselves or be reminded by others that we are made of star stuff!


To create yourself as an artist you must be that rare unicorn that can be both strong and nurturing- androgynous, and thus capable of supplying yourself with the resources needed to find your creative voice. It's a basic structure that the rest is built on.

And, there is the possibility that we create bonds. Take some insight from chemistry. Take two and become one. We form relationships with the purpose of helping each other feel both nurtured and capable. We all have the potential to create. We seem to be only lacking a stable environment of trust and respect for it to flourish in ALL of us. Some of us need extra support being nurtured with direction. The rest of us need help to feel strong enough to tackle the world. Easy. Maybe easy as being a good friend to yourself and to everyone you know. So easy. We live in complex societies for some reason. Why not use those societies to promote us all by pulling the best out of each of us.