Art as a means of connecting.

All of us have moments of great clarity. Our heart seems to open and the world, the universe floods in. The best art connects us to those moments deeply and profoundly. The size, the medium, the utility, the durability of the work are all secondary to the fact that the person creating is using every bit of knowledge and craftsmanship they have to give to connect you to that moment of great clarity. When you share that moment with them, you know. It speaks to you. It reminds you of your own moments. It tells you a story you want to hear again and again. The emotion you feel when experiencing art that you personally love is like listening to a favorite piece of music. It speaks directly to you. It is to some degree telling your story.

No one connects to any work of art the exact way you do. Your insights and understanding of what you see, read, feel are yours alone. And yet, in some ways they are shared on some level with everyone. Everyone who has ever experienced a great moment of clarity is sharing this moment with you.