You Should Become an Art Collector, and how!

Why you should become an art collector, and how!


It is time for you to replace all the art prints you have around the house with real original art. There are so many upsides to owning real art. In a non smoking home, like most homes anymore, art will weather time extremely well. Inexpensive copies and prints have a place, of course, and over time under normal conditions will fade, buckle, discolor and generally fall apart. Real art won’t. Artists go to extreme lengths to use time tested archival materials. Original art will be more beautiful and valuable decades and lifetimes from the time of purchase. This will make you love it all the more over the years. My suggestion is replace one print every year with something original that you love. It will make you happy every time you see it for decades to come!


My dad tells a story about being invited into a friend’s art studio and falling in love with a large piece of art she was creating. My dad likes to say the price she was getting for the commission was equivalent to the price of a new truck of the type he used for his service business. As if that was just crazy! The truck at the time of his story could be purchased for $7000. My dad did buy an extra truck for the business that year, it is no longer worth anything having been scrap long ago. Had he been able to purchase the art of this popular artist instead or as well, his investment would have increased by at least 5 times. This doesn’t always happen, and, then again, sometimes it does. Conversely, pick up trucks never hold their value without upgrades and expensive maintenance. Buying art can create wealth!


Money spent on art in your community stays in your community! In this age of consumerism we buy, buy, buy. We buy new clothes that hang in our closets hardly worn. We buy so many items that are made far away from our communities and only a tiny bit of the profit stays local. When you buy art from local artists all the money stays in circulation in your community. Buying art creates jobs!


Buying art makes you a superstar! If you become known as a buyer of art the community will open it’s doors to you. Artists and gallery owners will want to know who you are and what you think. You will influence others. You will be invited to openings and parties!  When you buy art in your community businesses love you because they know the money you invest in art is staying in circulation right at home. You benefit all your neighbors. Buying art creates friendships! 


In an effort to keep my blogs a bit shorter I’ll invite you to leave your comments below. How do you invest in art? Why do you do it. How do you feel it enriches you? What do you like to buy? What shows or galleries do you love? Do you purchase something every year as a gift to yourself? Or, do you buy something every paycheck or so?